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Quote Unquote: Collection of thoughts on the eve of the semifinals

(Clock-wise from top left): Cao Junwei (CHN), Han Ya-en (TPE), Alyanna Vergara (PHI), Sharanjeet Kaur (IND), An Heji (KOR), Risa Miki (JPN)

JINAN, China (2nd FIBA Asia U16 Championship for Women): Here’s a collection of quotes from players of various teams who competed in Level I on the eve of the day of the semifinals.

Sharanjeet Kaur (IND) at the end of the game against Philippines on Thursday, which India won for their first win in the competition. Sharanjeet scored 10 points in that game:

“We came here to make a serious attempt to enter the semifinals. We came half way to achieving that in our game against Chinese Taipei. But obviously, they were better than us.

“We are happy about today’s win. It gives us the confidence for the play-offs. We want to remain in Level I, because this is where the real competition is. Also we won’t be eligible to play in this competition (U16) two years later. We want to leave behind a good level for our team.”

Han Ya-en (TPE), who scored an 18/12 on the paint for 20 points in the game against China on Thursday:

“We were up against a very tough and experienced opposition. But I am very happy the way we fought. In terms of points difference, China beat us the least points in all their wins. That’s the target we had and achieved it.

“Also we scored almost 100 points against China’s tough defense. We are very excited and it has given us the confidence for the semifinals (against Japan). In the previous game (Prelim Round), we lost to Japan (77-107), but we have learnt a lot after that.”

Risa Miki (JPN), on the semifinal game against Taipei:

“They (Taipei) have some very good shooters. It won’t be easy. But I am happy the way our defense is playing. We are confident of qualifying (for the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championship for Women.”

An Heji (KOR), who scored some crunch points in Korea’s fight-back in the game against Japan on Thursday:

“Well, I thought we could have won the game, but we made some mistakes at the crucial times. In the fourth quarter, they played very hard defense. It was difficult for us.

“But the way we played and fought back has given us the confidence for the semifinals.”

Cao Junwei (CHN) on the semifinal against Korea:

“To me, it will be the game of our competition. We have beaten Korea once (111-58 in the Prelim Round), but the way they fought against Japan has made us wonder if it is the same team we beat. So, they are a capable team.

“We have our plans. Our performance depends more upon how well we execute our plans than what our opposition is doing. One thing is for sure, we will be at our best.

“Everybody in the team wants to play well against Korea. Our team leaders are all very focused and we hope we can pull it off.”

Alyanna Vergara (PHI) on the Level I Qualifying Game against Malaysia:

“We are happy we play Malaysia, because they are a very competitive team. I think we will learn a lot from playing a more competitive team. We are here to learn and prepare for the future. We have given our heart and played all the games, although we lost all of them.”


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1700 FinalKorea-Japanhttp://www.fibalivestats.com/matches/4142/04/58/86/77CmMc2vwUUrE/
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Sri Lanka23070.92
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